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The Story of Santa Claus | Christmas Stories for Kids

    Story of Santa Claus
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    Story of Santa Claus: Christmas would’ve been incomplete without Santa Claus. Not only do children wait and celebrate when Santa visits, but adults, too, are enthralled and fascinated. Santa Claus is well known as a fat man with a white beard who wears a red outfit accented with white fur.

    We shared the story of Santa’s Christmas in this article. This is the best Christmas tale for children. Let us begin reading the story.

    This is the best Christmas story for kids. It was the month of December and it was a lovely Christmas day with a clear blue sky and snow-covered trees. A cold wind was blowing but all was calm at the Santa Lodge that day. There was no sound of preparing Christmas presents because of Santa’s illness.

    “Hey, what will the kids say when they don’t get presents this year,” thought Santa sadly as he lay on his bed.

    Suddenly he heard a noise from outside. He looked out his window and saw his four reindeer standing as still as ever.

    But looking at him it seemed as if he had just completed a long journey. And when Santa took a closer look, he couldn’t believe what he saw. Behind the reindeer was a long train of sleds carrying little children dressed in various colors.

    One by one, they hopped on the ice and headed to Santa’s Lodge. There was a knock on the door. “Come in,” said Santa, because he was very curious.

    A little girl came who held something soft like a handkerchief in her arms. “I heard you were sick, Mr. Santa,” said the girl, “I’m giving you a teddy bear to keep you company.” Thanks, little Emma,” said Santa as he knew each child by name.

    Then a young boy entered with a red package in his arms. “We knew you were sick, Papa Santa,” said the boy.

    “So my family knitted you this quilt to keep you warm during the cold winter days.” “What a great idea, Paul,” Santa said with a smile, patting him on the head.

    One by one the children came through Santa’s door, each with a special gift to wish Santa. There were cookies, pie, socks, mittens, books, and even a miniature Christmas tree!

    “Christmas on my doorstep!” Santa spoke. “Come, let us all share these wonderful gifts.” And he gathered the children around him in a big circle.

    “Santa, which gift did you like the most?” Emma spoke quickly. “My dear children, it is the love and kindness that each of you has shown me today. That is the best gift.” Santa smiled. He looked lovingly at all the curious faces around him. Santa hugs all the children with love.

    We know that Santa Claus brings many gifts and comes only to the homes of lovely youngsters. According to legend, Santa enters the house through the chimney and places gifts in the stockings hung by children at night. I hope you enjoyed “The Story of Santa Claus,” guys. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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