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Short Story With Moral In English “The Lazy Farmer”

    Short Story With Moral In English
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    Short Story With Moral In English: Moral stories for kids are stories that teach moral principles. Moral stories for kids often teach their readers core concepts such as love, respect, honesty, virtues, and so on. Today, I share with you the best short moral story.

    Yesterday, it rained all night. As a result, the roadways were covered with mud and had many holes. Farmer Joseph was traveling on his cart along the village road since today was market day. To sell his straw, he needed to go to the market early. The heavy muck made it exceedingly challenging for the horses to carry the burden. The horse cart’s wheels unexpectedly became trapped in the mud as they traveled.

    The more the horses were pulled, the deeper the wheel slid. Joseph got down from his seat and stood near his handcart. He looked everywhere, but could not find anyone who could help him. He looked dejected and sad, cursing his misfortune.

    He did not make any effort to take out the wheel himself. Instead, he began to blame his misfortune for what happened. He looked up at the sky and begged the Lord, “How unfortunate I am! Why has this happened to me? Oh Lord, please help me.”

    After a long wait, the Lord finally appeared before joseph. Do you believe that you can move on by looking at the chariot and lamenting about it, the Lord asked joseph. No one will be able to help you until you make an effort to help yourself.

    Have you tried getting the wheel out of the pothole yourself? Get up and put your shoulder to the wheel; You can take this wheel out yourself.” And you can quickly go to the market. If you cry while waiting for someone, you may have to spend the whole night there.

    Joseph felt embarrassed by himself. He knelt, and He pushed on the horses while stooping and put his shoulder against the wheel. The wheel was soon out of the muck. Joseph had learned his lesson. He gave thanks to God and happily started on his journey.

    Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

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