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Short Poem English – Two-Headed Calf Poem

    Short Poem English
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    Short Poem English: Today I’d like to share a short poem from poet Laura Gilpin with you. Laura Gilpin wrote a lot about animals, people, life, and death in a very genuine way. I hope you enjoy this short poem as much as I do. Read also:- Antigonish: Best short poem | Short rhyming poem

    Tomorrow when the farm boys find this
    freak of nature, they will wrap his body
    in newspaper and carry him to the museum.

    But tonight he is alive and in the north
    field with his mother. It is a perfect
    summer evening: the moon rising over
    the orchard, the wind in the grass. And
    as he stares into the sky, there are
    twice as many stars as usual.

    ——– by Laura Gilpin ——–

    Image Credit:- Canva

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