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Romantic Poems: Short Love Poems For Him And Her

    Short Love Poems For Him And Her
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    Short Love Poems: Short love poems are so popular, this page is entirely dedicated to them. Here is the site for you if you’re looking for small romantic poems or love poems. These Short love poems are perfect for expressing romantic love, a lovely friendship, or a complicated love.

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    The day you asked me out ,
    I had no doubt.
    I knew you were perfect for me
    And only with could I set my heart a free.
    But today after all the highs and lows,
    I realize that I love you more.
    My Love I for you is even more real,
    I am finally sure about the way I feel.
    I know that irrespective or what comes by way,
    I want you by me, night or day.
    Nothing will ever be able to take my love from you,
    I would always long to hear you saying that you love me too.

    We laughed and spent moments alike
    That was like the most amazing time
    There was passion in your eyes
    Our love was so adorable and wise
    There was a magic when we were
    Together and forever in time
    But, things are not the same
    I may just not put the blame
    I just want to let go
    Of all the things that I wish to know
    Let go of that that ugly past
    Let go of things that were
    Just not meant to be
    It’s a goodbye from my side my love
    Bye from me!

    You have changed my life with your ways
    I am so counting the days
    When you will be with me my love
    I am counting the time when
    We will take that wedding vow
    With a promise that yes things will be good
    After marriage baby you have changed
    Me and you have changed my life,
    I feel so blissful being with you
    Eternal love that I share with you
    Thanks for making my life so wonderful
    Know that you are truly beautiful
    I love you!

    Life will not change if you are not there
    You left me for a reason
    You left me because you did not love me
    My feelings will not change for you
    My heart will remain the same
    My life will start with your name
    It will end on your name
    My life will not the same
    As you don’t love me any more
    My life will not be the same
    Nothing that I wish to be
    It’s all love lost in time
    In whale of things to be
    A love lost in time to see!

    Come closer baby, coz I want to let you know,
    I may not have the right gestures to show,
    But, let me whisper in your ear, what I feel,
    It’s all about my passion and zeal,
    I think I love you more than me,
    Beyond you, there is nothing I can see,
    I love you baby!

    Love is an eternal feeling,
    This comes from the heart,
    When there is no love in life,
    A heart can’t really suffice,
    Feeling of love gives a solace of a kind.
    It makes you relax and unwind
    Love lost is something very sad
    It turns the situation too bad!

    You bought so much happiness in life
    Your love has given me a new smile
    All the day that I wish to spent
    All the things that I do along
    Your love is like music to me
    Just like that wonderful song
    I wish that this thrives on for life
    I wish that love stays this way forever
    You have given a reason to me
    You have made my life blissful to thee
    It’s your love that has me going along
    It will forever stay so strong
    I love you and will be yours forever
    I love you so much!

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