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Republic Day Poems in English | Patriotic Poems | Short Poems

    Republic Day Poems in English
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    Republic Day Poems in English: Every year on January 26, India celebrates Republic Day. Republic Day is a national historic event in India. It reminds the enactment of India’s constitution, which came into force on January 26, 1950, and changed the nation into a republic. The country will be celebrating its 73rd Republic Day this year.

    Today, I’d like to share a collection of patriotic poems with you. I hope you like reading these poems.

    Over the years that have past
    26th Jan is just another holiday, I thought
    With the very recent wisdom, I have got
    I salute the leaders who had fought.

    We Indians are very proud to celebrate Republic day
    Protected by soldiers on the border who never sway
    Hear me, I just have a few things to say
    Reading this you may decide your own way.

    Why blame the Politicians and Government who don’t repent
    Hey! As an individual, I won’t relent
    For the election freebies and compliments, they recommend
    I shall say ‘NO’ and will not bend.

    “O My Nation My India”
    Wants to worship you
    Wants to be stuck on you
    Everything which is mine
    Wants to sacrifice on you
    Way of life it amid you
    Name of your, strength me
    Fame of your, arrogant me
    How I am gratitude to god
    That he gave birth on the
    Planet of your “O India”
    I always feel to be proud
    That you give me a peaceful
    Place in your heart “O India”
    Always salute you!
    Always salute you!
    Vande Matram

    Where the mind is without fear
    and the head is held high;
    Where knowledge is free;
    Where the world has not been
    broken up into fragments by
    narrow domestic walls;
    Where words come out from
    the depth of truth;
    Where tireless striving stretches
    its arms towards perfection;
    Where the clear stream of reason
    has not lost its way into the dreary
    desert sand of dead habit;
    Where the mind is lead forward by thee
    into ever-widening thought and action-
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father,
    let my country awake.

    So, we’ve reached the end of this article. Here are some Republic Day Poems in English 2022, as well as some Republic Day Patriotic Poems in English and some Very Short Republic Day Poems in English. It is one of the best poems collections on the internet.

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