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Kids Moral Story | The Woodcutter and the Axe

    Kids Moral Story
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    A long time ago, a woodcutter lived in a small village. In his work, he was honest and truthful. Every day, he walked into the surrounding forest to cut the trees. To make money, he carried the woods to town and sold them to a merchant. He barely made ends meet, yet he was satisfied with his limited earnings.

    One day, he was cutting a tree near a river, his axe slipped out of his grip and fell into the river. He couldn’t even think of trying to get it on his own since the water was too deep. He had just one axe, which he had thrown into the river. He became really anxious about how he would earn a living today! He was overcome with grief and turned to the Goddess for help. He seriously prayed, and the Goddess appeared in front of him, saying, “What’s the matter, my son?” The woodcutter explained the issue and requested that the Goddess return his axe.

    The Goddess reached down into the water and pulled out a silver axe, asking, “Is this your axe?” “No,” answered the Woodcutter, looking at the axe. So the Goddess dipped her hand back into the water and pulled out a golden axe, asking, “Is this your axe?” “No,” the woodcutter answered, looking at the axe. “Take another look, Son, this is a very expensive golden axe, are you sure this is not yours?” replied the Goddess. “No, it’s not mine,” the woodcutter said. With a golden axe, I can’t cut down the trees. It serves no use for me.”

    The Goddess smiled and finally plunged her hand back into the water, taking out his iron axe and asking, “Is this your axe?” “Yes!” replied the woodcutter. This is mine! Thank you!” The Goddess was so impressed by his honesty that she gave him his iron axe as well as two more axes as a prize.

    Moral:-  Always be honest. Honesty is always rewarded.

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