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Inspirational and Motivational Short Story: A limit of your Kindness

    Inspirational and Motivational Short Story
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    Inspirational and Motivational Short Story: Since childhood, we have been affected by motivational and inspirational short stories and moral fables. We’ve all heard them from our parents, teachers, and elders. Such motivational short stories give us a good lesson. I hope you get a good lesson from this inspirational story

    Recently Steve had a car accident. So he parked his automobile in the garage to have it repaired. Because he had to go to work every day, he decided to use the metro train until his car was ready. He observed a homeless man at the train station late one night. He felt pity for him and handed him some money from his pocket.

    The homeless man thanked him. The next day, he saw the homeless man in the same spot. Steve decided to bring him something to eat this time, so he walked outside the station and got him dinner. The homeless man thanked him for his kindness. But Steve became intrigued and inquired, “How did you come to this spot?”

    Steve didn’t understand what the homeless man was saying, so he questioned him, “What do you mean by that,” the homeless man smiled up at him and said. “Throughout my whole life, I made sure that everyone was pleased,” I always assisted everyone, regardless of how my life was going at the time.

    “Do you regret it?” Steve asked. “No, it simply crushes my spirit that the exact people I gave the shirt off my back to wouldn’t give me a sleeve of the same shirt when I was in need,” the homeless guy answered.

    It is preferable to build your own house and invite someone in for refuge rather than handing them your bricks while you are constructing your own. Because one day you will turn around and gaze at the location where you intended to build your home. It will be a deserted lot. Then you are the one looking for bricks.

    Steve understood what the homeless man was saying and thanked him for the good advice.

    Moral: It is never a bad thing to help others. But, sometimes, when assisting others, we forget about our own problems and requirements. It is important to remember that sometimes sharing is better than giving away. You can do a lot more if you place yourself in a stronger position rather than a weaker position.

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