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Quotes About the Color Black | Black Color Quotes

    Black Color Quotes
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    Black color quotes: Is there a color that is more regal, smarter, and stylish than black? Despite the fact that many people equate black with sadness, despair, or rage, black is a happy color for many of us. According to color psychology, black may make us feel powerful.

    In today’s post, I’m going to share some black color quotes with you.

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    black color quotes
    Black color quotes

    1. “Black is not a color.” — Edouard Manet

    2. “There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

    3. “Black is a color of power and strength, and to see all those players, with the captains linking their arms in front-it’s a powerful picture.”— Hayden Fry

    quotes about black color
    Quotes about black color

    4. “Black and white is salt and pepper of colors, for life tastes bland without them.” — Vikrmn, Corpkshetra

    5. “In the beginning, it was all black and white.” — Maureen O’Hara

    6. “The black color is much deeper than to be overwhelmed by grief… Black hides everything within itself in the argument of elegance.”  — Eyden I

    7. “Black is like a broken vessel, which is deprived of the capacity to contain anything.” — Leonardo da Vinci

    motivational quotes
    Motivational quotes

    8. “There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white.” — Lisa Ling

    9. “Black is such a happy color, darling!” — Morticia Addams

    10. “Life isn’t black or white, it’s all sorts of shades of grey.” — Nicky Morgan

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