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A Bird’s Nest: By James McIntyre | Birds Poem In English

    Birds Poem In English
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    An old man, who had charge of field,
    With pride he saw two birds did build
    A broad, capacious, warm nest ;
    Soon full of young with speckled breast.

    And when the old man there did pass,
    They soon ran merry ‘mong the grass ;
    But of the youth they were so shy,
    They made strong efforts for to fly.

    Youths tried with old man to prevail,
    To let them blaze away at quail;
    But, though they longed for a fat pot,
    At them they never got a shot.

    No more the old man doth them shield,
    For they have flown to broader field ;
    Long may they spread their wings and tail,
    And may no foe them ‘ere assail.

    — James McIntyre —

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