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7 Beautiful Daughter Poems — Daughters Day Poems in English

    Beautiful Daughter Poems
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    Beautiful daughter poems: If you’re looking for an unique way to celebrate daughters day. Look through this collection of the greatest National Daughter’s Day Poems to find something that will make your daughter happy. Read and share easy daughter poems to express your feelings for your daughter.

    O little one, daughter, my dearest,
    With your smiles and your beautiful curls,
    And your laughter, the brightest and clearest,
    O gravest and gayest of girls;

    With your hands that are softer than roses,
    And your lips that are lighter than flowers,
    And that innocent brow that discloses
    A wisdom more lovely than ours;

    With your locks that encumber, or scatter
    In a thousand mercurial gleams,
    And those feet whose impetuous patter
    I hear and remember in dreams;

    With your manner of motherly duty,
    When you play with your dolls and are wise;
    With your wonders of speech, and the beauty
    In your little imperious eyes;

    When I hear you so silverly ringing
    Your welcome from chamber or stair.
    When you run to me, kissing and clinging,
    So radiant, so rosily fair;

    I bend like an ogre above you;
    I bury my face in your curls;
    I fold you, I clasp you, I love you.
    O baby, queen-blossom of girls!

    Archibald Lampman

    A daughter knows what you think,
    She gets you what you want before you blink,
    She understands the feelings so pure,
    When you feel down, she is there to assure,
    A daughter understands you in and out,
    She shares your feelings if you have any doubt,
    A daughter is the best gift of life!

    My child! thou seest me content to lead
    A lonely life. Do thou, in imitation,
    Not happy, nor triumphant, learn the need
    Of resignation.

    All guileless be, commercing with the skies,
    And as a sun to glorify the whole;
    My child, within the azure of thine eyes,
    Put thou thy soul.

    For none are happy, none triumphant here;
    To all their little span is incomplete.
    Our life is but a shadow, and, my dear,
    The shadows fleet.

    Yes! of their weary lot all men complain.
    To happiness, oh! strange and cruel fate,
    All things are wanting, all! we seek in vain,
    Or find too late.

    What are the boons we crave, each for his part,
    The hope of which doth still our hearts beguile?
    Renown and wealth, a word, a woman’s heart,
    A loving smile.

    Mirth, to the unloved king, is wanting still;
    A drop of water to Sahara’s plain;
    Man’s heart is like a well, which, as we fill,
    But dries again.

    Behold those thinkers whom we idolize,
    Those heroes whose command we gladly own,
    Whose names illuminate our somber skies—
    Where are they flown?

    They rose like meteors through the wintry air,
    And dazzled for a moment every eye;
    Then sunk into the careless grave, and there
    In darkness lie.B

    Kind Heaven, that knows our bitter griefs and fears,
    Takes pity on our vain and empty days,
    And bathes each morning with refreshing tears
    Our dusty ways.

    One only law there is, so just and mild,
    Of which each honest heart must own the sway:
    To pity, nothing hate, and, oh! my child,
    To love alway.

    Victor Marie Hugo

    Encircle your child with love
    Offer your hand to guide her
    Shower her with tenderness
    Shelter away her fears

    May she look for sunshine when
    There seems to be clouds
    May she take a step further to
    Find the best in people and life

    May she show kindness and patience
    Towards others
    May confidence and poise propel
    Her in life

    Teach her appreciation for small
    Things in life
    The abundance of nature close at
    Her feet

    Help her to learn the power of
    Words spoken
    The response to actions which
    Might be awakened

    Shower her with your love and
    Your pride
    Protect her as needed, but let
    Her fly free
    Free to stand tall with absolute

    As she grows and discovers
    Keep memories keen
    For times in the future
    When she flies free

    Remember too as she grows to
    Be a woman
    She’s a reflection of yourself
    A reflection of the joy, kindness,
    And dignity
    A reflection of a woman set free
    To pass down her teachings
    From no other than thee.

    Judith A. Drew

    The little angel of my life,
    I still remember your small face,
    How you used to run after me,
    And tell me lets race,
    I still remember all the small toys,
    Which would give you all the joy!
    Truly love you my sweet granddaughter!

    My princess my dear you stay in my heart
    Since the time you were born and start
    You have a special place that no one can take
    Lots of memories that we make
    You are the apple of my eyes
    You are so cute and yet so wise
    A complete character and a daughter so dear
    With you, life has a lot more cheer
    Stay as you are as chirpy as you are
    Shine so bright like a distant star
    May you stay blessed in every phase of life
    That is my heartiest wish for you my daughter
    I love you so much!

    A sweet daughter like you is hard to find
    A daughter like you whose so kind
    You are pretty beyond your soul
    And you do play the most important role
    My life is surely incomplete without you
    My life is blank without your name
    Do not ever be and don’t you change
    Be loving and darling like you are
    I wish that you shine brighter than the star
    A daughter like you is like the light
    Making my world so bright
    Love you my dear daughter
    There is no one like you or other!

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